Does Scripture, Fun, & Kids Worship equal heresy?

Feeding Can Be Fun...

Feeding Can Be Fun…

I love feeding the sea gulls at the beach. The locals don’t much care for me because when the sea gulls flock to me they bother them. Sea gulls aren’t the cleanest bunch of birds. They often jump over one another to get what they want. It doesn’t bother me…the more the merrier. My boat floats when I get to feed the gulls.

It’s kinda like church. I love feeding the Word of God to kids. Kids usually prefer my kid friendly food over the adult food. Sure, I totally believe they can eat adult food… but they like it with a little sugar. I preach the same Jesus, the same death on the cross, and the same resurrection as the adult service…but I add a little sugar. I engage them in age-appropriate illustrations. Instead of tuning out with crayons, iPads, or crosswords…they usually tune in (yes,usually…even I bomb every now and then).

Here’s the thing. Some of the adults think kids should be taught the 10 Commandments, the books of the Bible in order, and then to sit and watch mom & dad worship.

I see 2 things happen: 1) Kids, as a rule, tune out and parents are fine with it 2) Kids are forced into adult services and then when they are old enough to actually listen and get something out of it…well, they have a lot of ‘yuck’ baggage to unload first.

What do I think? Get a man of God in your Kids Church who engages kids in worship and the Word. Let the kids come home talking about the illustrations and biblical principles they learned in kids church. Watch kids live out their Christian lives…AS KIDS! The Bible doesn’t say that church can’t be fun for kids…it is their language. Speak it!

Patrick Newbill
Children’s Pastor at Idlewild Baptist Church


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