Keep shopping for another church!

Which camp do your kids/youth land in?

1) The kids are loving being at church and they drag their parents to church OR
2) The parents drag the kids to church but the kids either don’t want to go or don’t care if they go

If your kids love going to church…make sure they are wanting to go for the right reasons. If they are just learning virtues and laughing a lot…then you can probably do better. My kids loved going to Disney but it doesn’t mean they were learning Scripture.

*I’ve personally watched godly parents be willing to put up with lack-luster preachers because their kids are being spiritually fed and love going to church.

BackToBackRacing.250w.tn2) You can either choose to be a part of the solution or you can move on to another church.

This is between you, your spouse, and God. I, personally, LOVE when parents choose to get involved when they see something lacking. However, sometimes God leads you elsewhere. Whatever you choose…stop sitting on the sidelines! Get involved in your kid’s church life before they are no longer kids.

Pastor Patrick Newbill


3 thoughts on “Keep shopping for another church!

  1. I had to have a conversation with my kids when they were wanting to go to church because it’s fun. Fun is good, but church is about Jesus. Since then, we make sure to have bible study at home weekly. My ten and fifteen year olds are learning a lot from our expositional study of Romans right now.


    • I’m absolutely with you. Too many parents want the church to do all the spiritual heavy lifting. I’m a huge advocate for getting parents to take their proper place as the spiritual feeders. Kudos for expo study! FYI: has a great verse by verse/word by word study helps on Romans.

      It’s nice when they want to come to church for solely the right reason of growth/discipleship. However, an enjoyable experience makes it easier…especially for kids.

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