What these two girls did next was so inspiring!


This is one of my absolute favorite pics of all time! The 5th grade school play. It wasn’t quite Shakespeare or Broadway or even a little off Broadway. It was more like…well, the 5th grade school play. Yet, Caitlin and I were decisive that we were going to get involved in the outside lives of kids in the Kids Ministry. We endured and I stayed awake almost to the very end! (Caitlin was shocked)

We watched Kelli & Lydia (two of the 5th graders in the play), over the next 2+ years, become two of our most involved, biblically grounded student leaders in the Midschool Ministry. When a service project was mentioned…these two were there. When a worship opportunity was mentioned…these two were there. When a ‘smelly and somewhat awkward’ kid needed a friend and we pointed it out to them… these two were there. Bible study? Yep, they’re there!

Paul told Titus to remind the people to engage in good deeds (Titus 3:1 – Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed). There was something about the church leader encouraging people to do good deeds that Paul knew would resonate. We often reminded these two (and others) to engage in good deeds and they did.

Do kids at church see you as a leader? Are you a Sunday School teacher or kids ministry leader of some sort? You have so much untapped influential potential!

FIRST – They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. GO to their sporting events, dances, plays, and parties. Show you actually care about them.

THEN – Remind them to engage in good deeds as part of your biblical teaching. Kids, usually more than adults, will put into daily practice what they are learning at church.

Kids Pastor,
Patrick Newbill


4 thoughts on “What these two girls did next was so inspiring!

  1. Precious Pastor Patrick,
    I absolutely loved your post and the picture! You truly poured your lives into each and every kid. Remember Kelli’s friend Allyson that visited said, “Pastor Patrick loves me!” after coming on Wednesday nights. Wanted to share with you about another child that became a believer because of you. You were leading AWANA’s and I had arrived at the church to pick up Kelli from choir. I brought my son, Scott and his friend Jameel with me because I didn’t want them to sit in the car. Kelli’s choir rehearsal wasn’t finished and the boys asked if they could sit in AWANA’s in the back. You were leading and made the boys feel welcome. They heard John 3:16 and Jameel told Scott he wanted to be a Christian and accept Christ. Scott told him that was great and that he could accept the free gift of salvation. Jameel told Scott he would say the prayer but that he wouldn’t be able to come to church with us because his parents were Muslim. We continued to pray for Jameel. 7 years later, Kelli was placed in Show Choir as a freshman and Jameel (by now a senior) was also in the choir. They recently went on a trip to Kansas City and Kelli was listening to her I-phone. Jameel asked her what music she was listening to and Kelli told him the song (which was Christian). He said I love the song Ocean (also a Christian song) and he told Kelli he now attend Calvary Church and loves it.
    There are so many others you have led to the Lord We praise God for you and for allowing God to use you and for loving with your whole heart. May God continue to bless your ministry and your family.
    We Love You Dearly and Miss You!

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  2. If any of these people that have read this article are kids pastors or Sunday school teachers then they need to know how true it is. Building a relationship with the students is extremely important, especially at a young age. Some kids in elementary school may think church is boring and once they get to middle school they may feel like their parents are “forcing” them to go to church and eventually rebel against it and turn away from God. This is sometimes the result of an absent bond with the children. If I hadn’t had Pastor Patrick or Caitlen or KC or Maggie any of the other important people that actually got involved in my life and encouraged me in my walk with God, I may have ended up lost from God. Also, the people working in the kids ministry should always make sure no one is alone. If a kid is sitting alone, ask a group of kids if she or he could sit with them, and if the kid refuses to move seats, you sit with them.
    It makes them feel like they belong and are accepted. (I know and remember this from personal experience about 6 years ago) Being in a welcoming and safe environment for the kids is vital for the kids to have a good time and want to learn about God and all He has done for them. So if you have to give up a couple hours on your weekend to go and see one of your students soccer games or dance recitals, etc., do it, because even though the kids may not realize it yet, you are one of the most important and influential people in their lives. This man has been the most important human in my life, and I am so thankful for everything he has done for me. I love you Pastor Patrick! And I miss you so much! Come back and visit Albuquerque soon! ❤ 🙂

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