Decor or No Decor… this is a quesiton!

Boat Checkin

I’m so thrilled that at Idlewild Baptist Church we’ve been able to make the hallways warm and inviting to kids. I’ve been on staff at two different churches that had just moved into new buildings. Both times, someone in leadership had a literal hissy-fit when they saw we put something kid-friendly on the beautiful “Baptist Beige” hallway wall (literally one picture/bulletin board). I’m not saying the leadership was bad but they didn’t ‘get’ kids either.

I’ve also seen the youth ministry that refused to break off the mid-schoolers from the high schoolers because the mid-school building wasn’t decorated or didn’t have the quality of sound system that the high school building had. It wouldn’t matter how many parents would leave the church because they didn’t want their 6th grader with 12th graders. THE DECOR RULED!

Where do I fall? Glad you asked. I believe that if you have to meet in a stairway that it can be packed out with kids. It could be the drabbest of stairways and still packed out. I also believe you can have a room decorated to the hilt that just doesn’t seem to get traction.

The difference?

  1. A teacher/leader who truly cares about the kids
  2. Someone who “gets” kids and knows how to speak their language
  3. Someone who can deliver the Word of God in an engaging manner for kids

The decor at our church is a bonus that lights up the eyes of kids and parents. Those who are new to the faith or are lost seem to be especially drawn to come back because their kids like the decor. We, however, know that the decor is simply an entry point. Our goal is to move them past the entry way to the “family” room.

Kids Pastor
Patrick Newbill

Hall7 Hall6 Hall5 Hall4 Hall3


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