What’s your real job?


So I’m sitting in my church office when a girl that I’ve known from 4th through 7th grade walks in. She had never seen my office. The look of confusion was clear. Jessa then asked… “What’s your real job?” I told her that being the Childrens/Midschool pastor was my real job (at that time). She then said something along the lines of “Ohhhh, what do you do all week?” as if Sundays, Wednesdays, and special events just ‘happened.’

My wife was telling my father-in-law that I had been working like a crazy-man at all hours. His response… “Doing what? He only works on Sundays and Wednesdays.” 🙂

It is funny when you think about it. Many “churchers” may really think that Sundays & Wednesdays and special events just “happen.” Newsflash…unless you’re a Youth Pastor…they don’t! (Okay, just had to throw the jab at Youth Pastors… they make their job look so easy compared to many Children’s Pastors…ha!)

helpSo the next time you see your Children’s Pastor/Director think about these 20 things:

  1. Who is going to work in each of the preschool / elementary classrooms during each of these services?
  2. Who is going to call each of these people and remind them they are working the preschool classrooms?
  3. Who is going to fill in if these people no-call no-show?
  4. Who is planning the crafts for preschool & elementary?
  5. Who is purchasing the supplies for the crafts? Do we really need different crafts for all age groups?
  6. Who is purchasing the snacks? Was the snack made in a peanut factory?
  7. Who is putting the snacks in the rooms? Wait, did we do pretzels or goldfish last week?
  8. Has someone cleaned the rooms?
  9. Has someone put batteries in the nursery swings? Wipes in the diaper changing rooms? Where is the blame air freshner you bought?
  10. Who made the Parent Newsletter and how will we disperse it?
  11. Does everyone have curriculum for Sunday?
  12. Have those new teachers been trained…at all?
  13. What do you mean the Sr. Pastor wants to add a Saturday night service?
  14. Wait, there’s Kid’s Church to prepare a sermon for?
  15. One word…AWANA!
  16. Awana Buck Stores, Awana Contests, Awana Theme nights…stink, we need how many more Awana workers? Yep, we gotta train them too!
  17. There’s Wednesday night to prepare for too?
  18. How many workers are needed for VBS? BTW, who’s training them? Anybody pick a VBS curriculum? Do we have ANYONE who will be the VBS Director? Print Print Print!
  19. Special Events? We gotta prepare for special Christmas Eve services, Easter Services, Retreats, Camps, Daddy-Daughter & Mother-Son date nights, Preschool Angel Breakfast, Teacher Trainings, Video Trainings, Weekly Teaching Emails & info, Staff Meetings, Upset Parents, Upset Teachers, Upset Sr. Pastors, Counseling, Etc, Etc, Etc…Social Media – Keep Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram updated regularly.
  20. Wait, I have a family to attend to too?

Make-a-difference-11x17So the next time you see your Children’s Pastor/Director#1-Give ’em a hug and say thank you #2-Volunteer in the Kids Ministry. You’ll add years to their life and you’ll be blessed beyond measure.

Kids Pastor
Patrick Newbill


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