Just A Dash of CIT Is Perfect!

CIT3A Dash of C.I.T. and it’s PERFECT!

What’s a C.I.T.? It’s a Counselor In Training and it’s an IBC first that helped make the 5th Grade Retreat a huge success! Yes, we abused them endlessly by sending them running to get the spoon we left on the counter. Yes, they had to get up earlier than everyone else in order to make breakfast and lunch. Yes, they were like Scrubbing Bubbles. What? Yep, they worked so that we didn’t have to!


I like to have ‘some’ mid-high schoolers who are ‘in training’ at kids camps and retreats. We hand-picked just a few C.I.T.s to go on the retreat this time. They had to be good role models, love Jesus, and be willing to do whatever was needed. Yep, they also had to pay the same price as the 5th graders to attend. The C.I.T. position is not open to just “all who will.” We scored! The retreat director, who shall remain Brian, said it was the best decision about this year’s retreat.

Mix in a pinch of Mary Jane who owned this team and it was absolutely perfect. Wait, did I mention that without Mary Jane the CIT program would have been dead in the water? (yes, Mary Jane is an adult, not a plant!)

Are you a Mary Jane at your church? Mary Jane happily volunteered. Step up to be part of the solution in the Kidz Ministry at your church? Call the Preschool or Elementary director TODAY!CIT1 CIT


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