Where Do Babies Come From? *Part II


So last time, I shared about “Before I was born” as a great Christian resource for teaching kids about the birds and the bees. Is there a bunch of new information here? No…just the stories of my kids.

My daughter and my wife sat out on the front porch one cool October morning. My daughter was in 5th grade and the discussions had begun at school. The question that laid before us… “Where do babies come from?” Did she have lots of questions? Nope…she’s one of those kids that answers about her day at school with “fine.”

Then came my 4th grade son. We read through the water colors book. I kept the poker face. He didn’t have many questions at the end. However, the next time I read through the book with our 5th grade child...well, he had some doozies! We (okay, I) made it through his questions with my poker face holding firm.

Bit of advice. If you are not still tucking in your elementary and mid-school age kids then you are missing an amazing opportunity! Turn off the lights and talk in the dark. Watch them open up and talk about things that they don’t dare discuss when parent’s eyes can see them.

–I still remember this 5th grade boy, lying in the dark, asking me about what the preacher had mentioned 4 times that morning at church. “What’s pornography?” he asked. My heart sank but I had told him that he could ask me ANYTHING and I promised to answer truthfully. As a matter of fact, he actually started the question with “remember when we read that book and you said I could ask you anything?

  1. Tuck your kids in at least 6 out of 7 nights
  2. Read Bible stories to them at night
  3. Give yourself enough time to stay, in the dark, for a few minutes and see what they will say…in the dark
  4. Pray before you leave

Kids Pastor
Patrick Newbill


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