I’ll Pretend and You Pretend That We Didn’t…

Are you ever watching a T.V. show with your kids and the language turns ugly? Fine, let’s give it a biblical name. The language turns sinful. Period, I can’t justify it. We’ve all been there. You use to say something but now you both pretend that you didn’t hear what you just heard. She use to look at you (mom/dad) like “what are you gonna say/do? Are you gonna change the channel?” after hearing the cussing. Now, you don’t dare look each other in the eyes. Just keep pretending.

Did you know that TV profanity went up 69% between 2005 and 2010 alone?

We’re pretending that the old “garbage in garbage out” isn’t really true. That aside (for a future conversation), let me tell you about our Guardian.

LoserWe noticed it most as we would sit down with our DQ Blizzards and watch Biggest Loser. The cussing was definitely a piece of the show. What could we do? That’s when we found it. The Guardian (http://familysafemedia.com/tv_guardian_summary.html). It filters out at least 9 out of 10 cuss words if not all of them. It pops up a replacement phrase like “move your tail” across the bottom of the screen.

Wanna stop pretending? Get your guardian today (tell ’em Pastor Patrick sent ya).

Patrick Newbill
Children’s Pastor


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