Do you remember Joe?… He died!

This is how it would go down.

My Parents: Do you remember (insert name here)

Me: Yep, I remember him.

My Parents: He died!

Mufasa said “it’s the circle of life.” Some of us are further away…others should be studying like the final is tomorrow. Either way, death is a part of life. Sadly, kids experience the death of loved ones. They range from Sparky the dog, Fluffy the cat (celebration for me…but that’s a different rant), to grandparents all the way to parents, friends, or siblings.

So how reconciled_1can you comfort a child in this time? Much the same way you comfort an adult.

PART I – At some point, I share the true BUCKET BOB story.
Bob was a friend of mine. He was driving from no-where Georgia to Chattanooga with several people in a rental van. The van broke down in the middle of nowhere. It was hot. The people on the van were bothered. Bob fixed the exploded radiator hose. However, the van needed water. Bob told the seminary professor to calm down.

Bob said “I saw there was a house about 3/4’s of a mile back. Let me go see if they have any water.” Bob walked in the hot son. There was the house. Georgia pines holding up the front porch with a man rocking on the porch. Bob asked the man if he had any water. The man said “there’s a pump out back and a bucket…but please bring back my bucket.”

Bob filled the van and drove back the bucket. The man on the porch explained that the doctors had sent him home to die (cancer). He said “I’ve been sitting here on this porch for two days…praying. I’ve prayed that IF there is a God that He would send someone to me to tell me.”

Bob got to lead this man to the Lord just days before his death.

It’s a reminder that when stuff goes “yuck” in your life…God may be up to something much much bigger.

More to come
Kids Pastor
Pastor Patrick Newbill


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