“Try” to be patient with me…

guard_heartSo the little girl sees a pig playing in the mud and begs her daddy for it. Dad tells her that she doesn’t want one b/c it’s a dirty nasty pig. What did dad do? He got his girl a piggy. She gets home and washes the pig. She thinks, “if I clean him up on the outside then he’ll be clean on the inside too.” She even put on a ribbon and a fair amount of perfume. That piggy was cute as a button but it was still just a pig.

Just then, the pig raced out the bathroom door and down the stairs. The doggy door was just perfect to squeeze through. And then, ahhh, he found a big mud puddle and jumped right in. Home at last!

Dad pointed over to the little girl’s lamb (that he had also bought for her). The lamb was clean and enjoying a bit o grass. Dad said “the only way that pig could ever be different would be a heart transplant from the lamb to the pig.” 

What would have happened with a heart transplant? Well, it would still get muddy some times but it would be different. It wouldn’t want to waller in the mud anymore. It would be gentle. It would act like a lamb…it would have a different nature.

The moral of the story…In order for the pig to be like a little lamb he had to receive a heart that wasn’t his. It was someone elses…but the lamb had to die so that the pig could be different.

Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Is your church teaching your kids the virtue of patience or the heart transplant that brings about patience? If you don’t know what your kids are being taught then it’s time you get involved in the Children’s Ministry of your church.

Patrick Newbill
Kids Pastor


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